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One thing your Dad may never know about


Wired has published a list, called 100 things your kids may never know about, which includes many going-going-gone technological experiences that old farts like me can relate to, but that young-uns will probably have to live without.

All this technological stuff is nostalgic, but ultimately, it’s really kind of trivial. For a real challenge, try explaining to a teenager: “having to get someone’s permission to be able to say something to the world.

When you’ve grown up with the web and blogs, and MySpace and YouTube, and Bebo and Twitter, and Facebook and Flickr as part of the way you communicate, it can be pretty hard to conceive of having go through publishers and broadcasters, or needing to be licensed, or having to wait your turn for the mike, in order to have your voice heard beyond letters and phone calls and earshot.

I find it disappointing that Wired, of all magazines, is obsessing over the progressive changes to the speed of modems and the size of disks, rather than the profound changes in social relations that connected computers have brought.

Maybe some grown-ups just can’t conceive of not needing permission to speak to the world.

(Thanks to Matt Locke for pointing this generational difference out.)