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Short cuts for 2009-02-05


“Call that a bat’leth? Transport yourself out of here on foot, I say!”:

Seems like my wife is managing to find more diverse twitter followers; compare and contrast:

Google Latitude makes it harder than ever for skivers with fancy phones to pretend they’re sick at home:


Short cuts for 2009-02-04


Dave Winer’s idiosyncratic twitter archive:

Check to see if a site is really down, or just hiding from you:

Remarkably twitter-like fashion micro-blog, for some reason:


Short cuts for 2009-02-02


The Battle of Trafalgar, part deux. Bring lots of eye protection, and extra arms:

The BBC protects the innocent from snow-mediated swearing:

“Then he did his little dance with everything hanging out.”


Short cuts for 2009-02-01


Find out on which sites your preferred username is still available:

See how many cuts can be fitted into a Superbowl commercial for the next Star Trek movie without it becoming entirely incoherent:

Use twitter to follow the predicted snowfalls over the UK, labelled by post town: