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The best of old worlds


Using a process of infallible futuristic pontification, Ulysse Nardin has decided that their undoubted expertise in painstakingly crafting impressive mechanical timepieces is, in any way, transferable to the cut-throat business of rapidly obsoleted software-heavy gadgets.

The Chairman awaits

As such, they’ve added an automatic watch-winding mechanism to a gold-plated Android phone, allegedly to help charge the battery. Which will definitely work once we have phones that sip power as genteelly as, say, a fine Swiss watch.

Also, they’ve put a watch crown on the side, I’m guessing to adjust the digitally displayed expensive Swiss watch that the underlying phone isn’t. So there’s that.

Still, if adding durable, hand-crafted technology is an enhancement for a soon-to-be-out-of-date mobile phone, then I can’t help thinking they should have done more.

For example, they could also have included an inkless Mont Blanc fountain pen for entering text, and maybe a key from a classic Bentley to lock the screen, so your servants can’t snigger at your hand-written tweets.

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More intelligent than a cheese biscuit


For when the simple pleasures of living in an industrial society just aren’t electronic enough, you can now get a toy that simulates popping bubble wrap, so that you can repeatedly squeeze it all day long.

I bet it doesn’t have the feel of squeezing actual bubble wrap, though; part of the fun is the delightful moment when you know that the bubble is on the cusp of succumbing to your thumbing.