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Use of language


“Opening the brand aperture” and disappearing right up it, the Sci Fi Channel uses several paragraphs of run-on sentences and abstract nouns to explain their decision to reduce even further the amount of science fiction they actually show. Sadly, it doesn’t explain why they didn’t just have the guts to rebrand properly, instead of to a mockable homophone; maybe they should have asked Dave for advice.

Meanwhile, a substantially more coherent and moving piece of writing has bobbed up on various forums, Karl Paulnack’s 2004 welcome address to the parents of new students at the Boston Conservatory.

And a surprisingly informative debate took place yesterday in the House of Lords, saying what a jolly useful chap that Darwin fellow turned out to be; ideal for passing the time on your next long trip up the Amazon, perhaps.


The Future of Web Proof-reading


For better or worse, I’m cursed with the ability to spot typos and spelling errors that normal people miss.

For example, this one on the home page of the Future of Web Apps conference that I’m somehow not attending:

But is it really so hard to see the ‘The The‘ in this rather large graphic?

The offending extra article

Personally, I think that somewhere in the actual future of web apps, there ought to be something that can help with proof-reading as least as well as desktop apps of the actual past can.