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A Question of Unpossibility


From this Q&A page about the LHC:

Q: Can bacteria survive?

Would it be possible to put various simple bacteria into the experiment to see if they survive. We are relatively certain that plant RNA probably evolved during the Big Bang.

Animal DNA on the other hand could not and possibly came from meteorites carrying bacteria from other worlds (Panspermia theory). It would put this idea to bed if it couldn’t survive the Big Bang. (Mick)

So, what does Mick think the Big Bang is, that it was when “plant RNA probably evolved”, whereas “animal DNA could not”? (Whatever ever he means by plant RNA and animal DNA, of course, since RNA and DNA aren’t partitioned across nature like that anyway.)

And who is this we who are “relatively certain” about this?

I’m disappointed that the answer to this alleged question wasn’t just “Eh?”