Dear Adam Afriyie


(My MP is Adam Afriyie. I have just sent him this letter, via Write To Them.)

According to the site http://debillitated.heroku.com/ , you were one of the handful of MPs who bothered to turn up to the Digital Economy bill debate yesterday. While I am pleased that you attended, I am concerned that your opposition to such a blatantly anti-democratic bill is unclear.

On your own site, you state that you believe that:

“Government should not interfere in our lives beyond protecting and defending us.”

I interpret this to mean that you believe that government should not pass laws that allow commercial interests to arbitrarily interfere with basic mechanisms of communication in a free society.

Consequently, I look forward to your confirmation that you are entirely opposed to the outrageous proposals in the DE bill to give copyright owners undue influence over who may communicate with whom about what, in the service of propping up outdated business models of artificial scarcity in an age of digital abundance.

For the avoidance of doubt, I earn my living by creating digital goods, and do not advocate uncontrolled duplication of copyright material. However, I also recognize that my right to pursue copyright violations does not trump others’ rights to engage in free communications, even if this means my income is put at risk.

As one of your constituents, I look forward to your response, indicating that you will do whatever is necessary, in this parliament or the next, to prevent such anti-democratic measures from entering law under the pretense of defending business.

Thank you.


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  1. My MP *is* Lammy, unfortunately.

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