Few wrongs make a write


The author of a useful “How-to” article tends to require two things: a practical knowledge of how to achieve something, and an ability to bang words together without breaking them. When a “How-to” article purports to explain how to write “How-to” articles, the opportunities for irony are especially meta.

With this in mind, I propose the blitheringly unpunctuated  “How to Wright a How to Article” as today’s Dunning-Kruger Effect example, mainly because of the author’s unstinting confidence in their own ability to instruct anyone about anything. I do hope that they have followed their own randomly abstract list of eight steps, and are presently at ‘then wait’.

While they’re waiting, perhaps they can study the inspirational flowchart in “How to write for the American Theater”. Thanks to that, I’m already thinking of a musical based on my Uncle Jemima’s struggle to become the first gay zombie to run a Wall Street bank; I’m thinking of calling it “Night of the Lending Dead”.

I just hope that, when he reads it, zombie Mark Twain is able to tell all the corpses apart, something he was delightfully unable to do with Fenimore Cooper’s work.

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