Short cuts for 2009-02-19


David Byrne declares Hong Kong the world’s worst city for cyclists, while observing the attempts of a fish to escape along the street, and of Filipino workers meeting in concrete niches.

I’ve never thought of the parts where edges meet on a sheet of paper as “dangerous and annoying” before, but I guess if you do, then three hundred bucks is a small price to pay to ensure your safety.

I found that machine while reading about the do-it-yourselfing of this high-tech tech notebook.

What better to compliment it than one of Nakaya’s incredibly crafted pens, for which a limb might be a small price to pay (as long as it’s not your writing hand)?

[Note: You need to use the drop-down list top-right, which lets you navigate through many more pens, as well as the left-hand menu, to choose from different techniques, in order to see them all.]

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