The case for the Rosicrucian


Thanks to some hints on the Eee User forums, last year I invested in an excellent nylon case for my soon-to-be-sold Asus Eee netbook.

Nylon bible case front

Nylon bible case front

As it happens, this is mainly intended as a case for a bible, but it happens to fit small computers very nicely, and has a profusion of little pockets and holders that are ideal for other things, such as USB sticks, batteries, and the obligatory notebook and pens.

Nylon case with Asus Eee

Nylon case with Asus Eee

However, now that I’ve upgraded to an Acer Aspire One (thanks to their dirt-cheapness, which I presume is because they’re about to be obsoleted), I’ve found that this existing case isn’t quite big enough, and so I’ve been shopping for a new one on eBay.

In the process, I found this case with a delightfully crass sales pitch: “At such a low price, you don’t need to pray for savings.”

And I’ve been momentarily befuddled by thoughts of what Catholic highlighters could be, as promised in this item.

But I’m probably going to buy this fairly drab case, in large part because it’s one of the few of the right size (250x170x30mm) that doesn’t have a huge fish on it.

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